Audience Sync For Ads

Reach your contacts online without the use of cookies 

The built-in audience sync from ShopAgain enables dynamic synchronization of contact segments into Google and Facebook seamlessly resulting in more effective ad targeting. Also, retargeting ads cost almost 40% less with higher chances of conversion. It simply means high ROI!

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Optimize Meta and Google Ad Targeting Using Audience Sync

Audience Sync helps you retarget your contacts on Facebook & Google through their email addresses, not cookies. Retargeting costs less and has a higher return.  Statistics show that website visitors who are retargeted are 43% more likely to convert, and 3 out of 5 viewers notice and take into consideration ads for products they viewed on other pages. This means that retargeting works.

What makes the ShopAgain Audience Sync for Ads different?

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Doesn't require manual import

Say goodbye to manual CSV imports with ShopAgain. Our Audience Sync imports segments to your Facebook and Google ad accounts in a few clicks.

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Detail-oriented segments

Let the ShopAgain segmentation do all the work by utilizing your customer data and retargeting or creating lookalikes of specific, data-driven audiences. Accuracy in targeting means better conversion rates, thanks to Audience Sync and Segmentation.

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Audiences stay informed

ShopAgain syncs all your contacts to Facebook in real-time, keeping your audiences relevant and up-to-date. Every minute matters!

What else do we offer?
An Omnichannel Marketing Space:

You’ll be able to combine ShopAgain’s email and SMS channels with the
audience sync for Google and Facebook to create actual omnichannel marketing campaigns and implement a better integrated-marketing communication strategy. It will help improve your reach, increase message frequency, and grow your conversion rates.

Facebook Custom Audiences

The ShopAgain segments created by you are smoothly synced to your Facebook Ads account as custom audiences which results in targeting your marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram better.

Google Customer Match

The segments are also dynamically synced to your Google Ads account and can be used as Customer Match audiences. You can target them in Google Search, Display, Video, and Shopping campaigns.

Make use of our powerful segmentation

Go beyond the “everyone in the audience” approach and target specific contacts using our eCommerce-focused segmentation. Our segments are based on a customer’s shopping history, customer lifecycle stages, and other important metrics that help in building valuable, highly-converting segments.

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