Product Recommendation

Sell more with AI powered product recommendations

Integrate our powerful recommendations to your website, emails and
popups in a few cicks.

See How It Works

Discover how you can unlock the hidden revenue in your store

Easy to add recommendations

ShopAgain does all the heavy lifting for you, you can simply toggle a few buttons to add widgets to your website.

AI generated recommendations.

No need to manually create recommendations per widget.

Get up and running within few minutes.

Seamless Integration

Easily enable and disable product recommendations on home page, product or cart pages.

Drag a product block to integrate with emails.

Makes it is easy to discover more products.

Upsell and cross-sell

Easily upsell items on product pages.

Add cross-sell to post-purchase email recommendations.

Upsell and cross-sell popups (coming soon).

Personalize it for your store

Easy to configure and theme it for your store.

Desktop and mobile ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

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