WhatsApp Marketing

Direct integration with WhatsApp for a streamlined shopping experience

Engage with your customers over WhatsApp.
Use ShopAgain to build your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

See How It Works

Discover how you can unlock the hidden revenue in your store


Smartphone users may now be reached over WhatsApp for a smarter purchasing experience.

Reach users on Android and iOS both to bring about a higher engagement rate

Micro-segment your audiences

Hyper-personalize your messaging

Highest engagement channel

WhatsApp Automations & Compliance

Use optimal abandoned cart messaging to increase retention

WhatsApp Business Policy compliant

Built and approved ready-to-use interactive messaging templates

Abandoned cart

Advanced Features. Simple Pricing.

Provide a seamless customer experience for your target.

Make complete use of multi-media marketing to send images and videos to your customers

Free WhatsApp credits in all paid plans

Access to exclusive, registered phone numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SMS or Email independently, or do I need to buy both?
Can I use SMS or Email independently, or do I need to buy both?
What if I want a shortcode before I reach 50,000 SMS recipients per month?
What is a shortcode and when do I need one?
Can I send MMS?
How does ShopAgain SMS pricing work?
Do you offer a free tier for SMS?