Instant Support, Happy Customers: AI for Shopify

Our AI Chatbot Handles 70-80% of Customer Queries on Orders, Shipping, Payments, and More!

Easy set up. Takes 1 min to install.

Watch a 2 min demo

How does it work?

Automated Customer Service

The chatbot efficiently handles common customer inquiries regarding orders, shipping, tracking, and payments, providing fast and accurate responses.

Focused Interaction

It ensures conversations remain relevant and on-topic, aligning with your store’s specific products and services for a more personalized customer experience.

Seamless Escalation

When a query is too complex or sensitive, the chatbot smartly redirects the conversation to a human agent, ensuring customers always receive the best possible support.

24x7 Availability

Unlike traditional customer service, the chatbot is available around the clock, offering consistent support and improving customer satisfaction by addressing queries at any time.


One-Time Setup Fee: $99

Base Monthly Subscription: $299/month 
Includes up to 500 customer support conversations.

Additional Conversations: $0.02/conversation after free conversations

Customized Training: Your chatbot is tailored to your store’s specific data and needs.

Rapid Deployment: Your personalized chatbot goes live within 24 hours of setup.

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