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Managed plan for running automations designed by us. Learn More.

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Automatically send messages based on user actions like abandoned cart, signup, order placed etc.


Send email or SMS blasts for sale or new product announcements

A/B Testing

Easily test two variation of email or SMS message to see what resonates with your audience

Popups & Forms

Grow your subscriber list using popups and forms

Advanced Segmentation

Ac, eu dui fermentum, faucibus accumsan. Leo in amet consectetur ac.

AI-powered Product Recommendation

Easily recommend best sellers and cross sell products using email and website widgets

Send Time Optimization

Deliver emails to your customer’s inbox when they are most likely to open emails

Automatic List Cleaning

Automatically suppress bad emails from your subscriber list

No Daily Limit

No limits on how many emails or sms you can send after domain warmup

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WhatsApp or SMS only without using any Email plan?

Yes, absolutely! Choose our $0/month Scale email plan for up to 500 contacts, then simply add WhatsApp and/or SMS as needed. This approach ensures you get exactly what your business requires, without any unnecessary extras.

Can I try ShopAgain for free?

Yes, indeed! Opt for our free Scale Email plan to reach up to 500 contacts, complete with Popups & Forms, and product recommendation widgets. This is your perfect chance to explore ShopAgain’s capabilities without any initial costs.

Scale or Autopilot, which email plan is best for my business?

It’s all about your business goals. Seasoned marketers will find the Scale plan’s comprehensive tools and flexibility a perfect match. New to the game or prefer it hassle-free? Autopilot’s your go-to, with managed services including email deliverability, list cleaning, and tailored email automations desined for your online store.

Can I get a demo?

Absolutely, let’s dive into what ShopAgain can do for you! Sign up for a demo here

How do I talk to customer support?

Getting in touch with our customer support is quick and easy:

  1. Use our live chat feature on the app and website for immediate assistance.
  2. Email us at for detailed queries.
  3. Connect with us on WhatsApp at for convenient support right from your phone.

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