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Best Product Recommendation Tools to Grow Your Business in 2022

Did you know that owning an ecommerce website and missing product recommendation tools can make you leave loads of cash on the table? According to recent statistics, 35% of Amazon sales are generated from product recommendations.

Product recommendation tools aim to enhance the user experience by recommending products that match your user’s buying intent. When it comes to choosing the right product recommendation tools for your business, you can find an extensive range of options to deploy. However, only a few of them are adequately relevant and useful. 

To help you choose the best product recommendation tools to grow your business, this post talks about the best ones that maintain gold standard functionalism and deliver positive results. 

What are Product Recommendation Tools? 

Product recommendation tools are AI-driven engines that analyze shoppers’ data to learn what products and offerings interest them. Depending on product preferences and search behavior, they provide them with contextually relevant offers and product options that look useful to individual shoppers, and by inducing interest, they help drive sales. 

There are several ways of implementing product recommendations on your website. You can use them as banners or pop-ups or in marketing emails. 

Top 8 Product Recommendation Tools to Upscale your Business


ShopAgain’s personalized product recommendation toolkit beautifully creates customized consumer journeys. The tool captures your consumer’s browsing intent, buying patterns, past campaign responses, etc., helping them to find out what they are looking for, that too without searching. 

Your customer segment gets ready just within 5 minutes from signups. The system of ShopAgain is trained in 48 hours, and you get access to your first SMS and email flow. You are free to review, edit, and launch campaigns. Besides, you can track the retention improvement. ShopAgain’s straightforward analytics and AI-powered cross-channel marketing allow you to put your retention marketing on autopilot. 


This product recommendation tool aims to enhance your visitors’ shopping experience. Besides, it helps increase sales. Giants like Nat Geo, Adidas, etc., use Monetate. Its product recommendation engine is pretty robust. Moreover, with Monetate, you get access to customization, targeting, and testing. 


Barilliance lets you develop individualistic shopping experiences for web visitors by leveraging AI algorithms and dragging data from your visitors’ buying behavior on your website. In addition, Barilliance lets you enhance self-conversion with the deployment of its personalization features. The tool is easy to install, and it takes as little as 5 minutes to start its job. 


Salesforce is highly admired for its real-time personalization for individual visitors to your website. This product recommendation tool makes viewer engagement significantly improved, aiding in better conversion rates. With an exceptionally intuitive surface, Salesforce allows you to access the insights of your customer behavior through AI algorithms. It draws data from each visitor’s behavior which helps it deliver precise experiences in detail. This way, it gains an idea of every visitor’s need, which lets you meet the varied needs of your visitors. 


By blending AI with manual input from your visitors, Apptus renders flawless shopping experiences. With its innovative features, you can personalize product recommendations for each of your visitors. This helps in elevating the overall conversion rate, making way for exponential growth. 


Yusp serves both marketers and website owners. Boasting an intelligent algorithm, it foresees your visitors’ most liked content. This way, it offers recommendations that suit your customer’s individualistic needs the best. It also exhibits lucrative discounts, offers, etc., to win over your visitor’s attention, increasing the chances of conversion. 

Dynamic Yield  

If you are looking for an effective recommendation tool that blends speed and agility, Dynamic Yield is probably going to be your right pick. With agile recommendations through real-time data and enhanced machine learning technology, it provides your users with relevance and precision. Dynamic Yield product recommendation technology works well for both business owners and marketers. 

Why Product Recommendation Tools are Essential for Growing your Business

Product recommendation tools benefit your business in many ways. Leveraging machine learning solutions, these tools help you generate solutions for content or product which matches an individual’s preference. It helps increase revenue, generate reports, control inventories, and discover new products. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to deploy a reliable product recommendation tool for your online business at the earliest. Make sure that your chosen one is efficient in comparing inventories, user and the product, and logistics so that you can always provide your consumers with specified real-time recommendations. 

If you want to learn more about the best product recommendation tools, feel free to reach out to ShopAgain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is product recommendation in machine learning?

Product recommendation in machine learning is the job of recommending products to users depending on their purchase history. This AI-driven filtering system helps increase user engagement and leads to better conversion rates. 

Why is product recommendation important?

Product recommendation systems help you to personalize the user experience. A product recommendation system lets you analyze your customer’s buying habits and current website usage, helping you to deliver relevant and meaningful results. 

What are examples of recommendation systems?

Amazon suggestions like frequently bought together, recently viewed, you may like – all these sections reflect the sensible deployment of recommendation systems. Another well-known example is Netflix’s product recommendation system.

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