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Top 8 Product Recommendation Examples that Increase Conversion

Getting Started with Product Recommendations

Product recommendations form an integral part of any eCommerce website’s strategy. If the right products are presented to the right audience at the right time, and via the proper channels, the conversion rate can be improved significantly while still keeping average order values high.

Personalized product recommendations make the customer interaction with your brand more delightful and result in higher customer retention, gaining important competitive advantages.

Best Product Recommendation Examples for Every Business

Every business has unique needs when it comes to marketing online. How the products are displayed in an eCommerce store widely depends on the nature of the business.

Let us discuss some of the best product recommendation examples that apply to most businesses:

Home Pages

The homepage of your website is where most potential customers will form their first opinion about your brand.

In the case of existing users, the behavioral data can be used to provide personalized recommendations. New website visitors might be tough to work around since you do not have enough background about them. A good strategy is to display your “top sellers” and the products that are “trending today.” It is also worth displaying the products that get you the highest CTRs and conversions and the products with the highest margins.

Product Pages

Product pages contain detailed information about the products that you offer. Besides including attributes like the size, the dimensions, the weight, and the color of the product, they also have product images, videos, 3D models, customer reviews, ratings, prices, comparison charts, a list of features, and other vital details that help the customer in decision making in the buying process.

Brands with good product pages follow structures that make it easier for customers to interact with you. Product pages can be smartly used for product bundling, upselling, and cross-selling opportunities. Displaying items that are “often bought together” adjacent to your products will increase revenue.

Search Pages

The potential of search pages is often overlooked, but it is essential to consider them. When a customer is looking to search, recommendations can be used to direct them by providing an exhaustive list of similar inventory.

A good search page will be customized to include smart recommendations based on the products searched in the past, products that other customers found relevant and purchased, and products that are trending.

Some brands even go to the lengths of displaying data like customer ratings, distance, and ETA for the items in the search results.

Category Pages

Category pages make your product recommendations more organized by broadly dividing the list of products under a common topic or heading. The items that form the category page share some common characteristics.

For example, a food delivery business can form categories like “Fast Food,” “Italian,” “Mexican,” and “Indian” based on food cuisines that the restaurant partners offer. A clothing business can divide its offerings based on gender. When a website visitor sees other options for the products they were looking for in the category pages, the user experience is enhanced.

Shopping Cart Pages

Once the users select all the products they want to purchase from your brand and add them to their virtual shopping cart, they are directed to shopping cart pages. The product’s price, the number of items ordered corresponding to each product, shipping charges, and other important information is displayed here.

Shopping cart pages offer more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell other products by tapping into the impulsive nature of buyers. These often include lower ticket value items that the customers do not mind adding to their carts at the last minute.

Checkout Page

Once the customers have put their desired products in a virtual shopping cart, they need to enter payment details and submit the order to complete the purchase.

The checkout page displays the customer details, shipping address, and available payment options. You do not want to lose customers on the checkout page. Ensure that the checkout process is not unnecessarily complicated and does not take too much time. All bottlenecks must be removed to provide a smooth experience and avoid abandonment at this stage.

404 Pages

404 pages are displayed when the requested information does not exist or is unavailable at the moment. This can be a massive problem for you. If the error persists, customers may take their business elsewhere, and you will lose revenue.

Innovative brands find potential opportunities when they are faced with such problems. 404 pages can be designed to offer personalized product recommendations and take the user back to the product pages of their choice. If you do not have enough data for your customers to display personalized recommendations, you can start by showing your top sellers.


Pop-ups can be used to upsell and cross-sell by suggesting products that go well with the selected product. Apart from providing essential product recommendations, pop-ups can also help capture important data like email addresses and phone numbers, increasing the subscriber list and allowing for future marketing via other channels.

Pop-ups can be triggered when a user performs essential actions on your website.

A good example: Triggering a pop-up that displays an offer highlighting a discount just when a user is about to close the current tab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are product suggestions?

Product suggestions or recommendations are used by eCommerce websites to display a list of suggestions to prospective buyers based on their behavior and past buying patterns. This strategy helps boost revenue and increase average order values.

Why would businesses recommend a product?

Businesses recommend products to make the customer experience richer by helping them make informed choices. Offering recommendations at the right time also results in higher ticket sizes and revenues.

How effective are product recommendations?

Product recommendations can be highly effective if done correctly. The recommendations are based on the customer buying behavior, and in cases where past data is unavailable, businesses recommend the products that are likely to increase conversions for them.

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