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8 Most Effective Ways to Build an Email List Fast in 2022

How to Build an Email List: 8 Effective Ways You Can Use Right Now

If you have experience with email marketing, you know how important it is to build your email marketing list right from the start. The success of your email marketing is primarily attributed to your email list’s size and quality.

Studies show that email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment compared to other channels, boasting nearly $35 – $40 returns for every dollar spent.

But where does one start? How does one go about it? You don’t need to worry. We are here to help. Sharing 8 effective ways to build an email list fast in 2022:

Make a Personalized CTA on Landing Page

Your calls-to-action need to be customized per what the users are looking for. It is essential to know who your customers are and what they are looking for. Organizations spend billions of dollars studying consumer behavior every year. Your CTAs need to be adapted per the web pages.

Personalized CTAs have much higher click-through rates compared to standard ones. For example, if you have good traffic on your blog titled “How to Make Alfredo Pasta from Scratch”, why not capture the users’ email addresses by offering a free recipe ebook with a CTA “Download All Recipes Free”?

Create a Homepage Sign-Up Box

Homepage popups may sound intrusive to some people, but if you look at the size of email marketing lists of businesses that have these popups and compare them with the ones that do not, you will know the difference.

You can add delays in displaying the popup, add a close option that is visible and easy to click, and offer something to the user in exchange for sharing their contact information.

Just make sure that the popup only asks for necessary information and does not take a lot of time and effort; otherwise, the users will simply close your website and move on to other websites.

Try an Exit-Intent Popup

Popups can be triggered based on innovative actions like when the user is about to leave your website, when they have spent at least 45 seconds on your website, or when they visit specific pages on your website.

An exit-intent popup is handy in enticing the user one more time before they finally leave your website. The popup may highlight the features of your product or offer discounts upon signing up with you. It all depends on how well you strategize your marketing.

Use Loyalty & Referral Programs

Offering loyalty benefits like points redemption will encourage more users to be a part of your program and thus provide you with more leads to put your email marketing efforts on.

Referral marketing programs or peer-to-peer marketing can help you grow your email marketing lists in a short period. If you offer a good incentive to your existing users for their referrals signing up with you, these users will do the job for you.

Almost all significant brands utilize the potential of referrals these days. It is also worth noting that the trust factor is amplified when the communication comes from someone you know. 

Use a Scroll Box

The placement of your CTA button is of paramount importance because you do not want to place the CTA in front of your potential customers before you have convinced them to take any action like sign-up or conversion.

Study the users’ behavior and perform A/B testing before deciding on the placement of your CTA. Formatting options, transitions, fonts, and colors are all important elements that demand your consideration.

A scroll box is helpful to catch your website viewers right when it is the right time for them to convert while offering useful and practical trigger options.

Build a Timed Pop-Up Survey

People will not magically share their email addresses with you. You will have to get them too.

Give the users some time to derive value from the content of your pages before putting forward the email sharing request. A timed popup survey will encourage users to choose whether they want to share their email with you in the form of a study based on the content of that specific page.

This will also ensure that you get the leads that are more interested in what you have to offer.

Engage Through Social Media

You might want to explore other channels like social media to build your email lists. Often, marketers think that it is the same people that follow them or have subscribed to them on all the channels. But this is not always the case. Give the users on your social media handles an option to share their email addresses. You can use giveaways, contests, and lead forms via ads on Facebook to promote this.

In the same way, you can also promote your social media handles in your email templates.

Update Your Email Signature

You are already reaching out to customers inside and outside of your organization on a daily basis via emails. Including a link to value added content like blogs, demo content, and other free resources in your email signature will help you build your email list faster.

An omnichannel and cross promotional approach will help you gain synergies. You’d be surprised to see the impact of including these links in your email signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an email list fast?

Always remember, faster isn’t better. Focus on sustainability instead. Use loyalty programs, referrals, popups, scroll boxes, and other channels like social media to build your email list. Learn more about email marketing.

How do I make a large email list?

It is not about the number of leads in your email list, and it is about the quality. Do not compromise on lead quality in your pursuit of making an extensive email list. As discussed above, use an omnichannel approach to get leads from all possible channels to create a comprehensive and high-quality email list.

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