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Best Abandoned Cart Emails for Shopify

What is an abandoned cart email and why is it important?

An abandoned cart email strategy is a marketing and promotion tool that is sent to people who may have added items to their online shopping cart but did not proceed to check out and pay. This promotional tool relies on the principles of nudging and reminding the ecommerce customers to complete their purchases. The reminder is sent to them via email. Shopping cart abandonment is preventing you from achieving sales and growth and in order to reach your fullest potential as a brand, you may want to put in place an email strategy to convince your customers to complete their purchases. 

Why do customers abandon carts?

A customer may end up abandoning a cart for several reasons. A few of the reasons are listed below:

  • Some customers end up browsing shopping sites out of boredom. They surf just to pass the time and after a few minutes, they might simply close the window and move on with their day.
  • One of the principal reasons for cart abandonment is high shipping costs. Customers do not like paying extremely high shipping costs, especially on small orders. 
  • Another reason for customers to abandon their carts is that they were surfing the site to research articles of interest. They may be interested in checking out but they might be on the lookout for sites that have more discounts.
  • One of the most common reasons for cart abandonment may not be your fault at all. Due to connectivity issues, the customers may get logged out or their session may get timed out. That might result in the customer abandoning items in the cart due to them not being able to remember which items they had added to the cart and where exactly on site they found them after scrolling. 

5 Tips for Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

Shopify abandoned cart reminder emails are your best friend in order to persuade them to complete their purchase. If worded and designed correctly with a personal touch in order to make the customer feel special, shopify abandoned cart emails will surely get you results in the form of increased sales.

Create attractive and personalized templates

Whether we like it or not, people do actually judge a book by its cover and no one wants to display a poorly designed book cover in their home. Similarly, the email you send out to your customers has to be well-designed, attractive and personalized so as to persuade them to complete the purchase. Abandoned cart emails that address their customer by their name have a higher chance of being read, liked and paid attention to as opposed to a mail that simply starts with “Dear Customer”. It makes your customer feel special and they might just end up checking out the items in the cart for that.

Write a strong email body

A well-written email body goes a long way in being taken seriously by your customer. Be witty. People love what makes them laugh. Be persuasive in your language. And when you do send out emails, make sure you analyze your data so as to observe which email ended up driving your sales and had a higher chance of success. This will enable you to ensure a regular follow-up and a modification of your email strategy.

Offer a discount

Studies show that a lot of customers tend to go back and complete the sale on an abandoned cart if they are offered an incentive such as a discount coupon or free shipping for the same. Thus, make sure that when you send out a cart abandonment email, you do include some form of a discount and you can go a step further and send a discount coupon that is valid during a certain period of time. Customers hate letting their discount coupons go to waste. Thus, they will mostly end up using it and completing the sale of the items in the cart.

Create urgency

One sure way of making a customer go back to their abandoned cart is to create a sense of urgency within them to shop. Time-bound incentives go a long way in order to achieve this. Customers tend to pay special attention to coupons with an expiry date and sometimes specifically shop in order to be able to use them. Coupons with lines such as “Use code XXXX to get a flat 50% off TONIGHT” or “Complete the order before midnight to get FREE SHIPPING” will end up convincing your customers to complete the purchase.

Reserve cart items for your customers

If you have only a certain number of items left in stock, you may want to use those numbers to serve your loyal ecommerce customers and customers with abandoned carts. Send them an email stating that the brand has kept the items reserved for them or that stocks are limited. It will help customers feel an urge to shop. Telling your customers that a certain promotional offer is valid only as long as stock lasts will certainly prove to be an effective strategy as well because it is human nature to buy something with a higher demand but a comparatively lower stock supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix abandoned carts on Shopify?

As an online store owner, no matter how big or small it is, you must take every step possible to reduce your abandoned cart rate on Shopify. You can do the following to develop trust in your customers.

  • Use exit intent pop- up
  • Retargeting ads
  • Run an email series follow up
  • Reach out to your customers personally

Why do customers abandon carts?

Carts are abandoned for several reasons. Sometimes, consumers surf the site only to pass the time or use it to compare prices of products. At times, carts may be abandoned due to difficulty in navigating the site or even because the shipping costs turn out to be on the higher side. 

Are abandoned cart emails effective?

Abandoned cart emails may not help you convert every abandoned cart to a successful purchase but they will certainly induce a certain amount of customers to do it. Use techniques like automated emails, personalization, attractive templates, and discount incentives along with a sense of urgency to see a certain percentage of customers respond to it. 

What should be included in my abandoned cart email?

Your abandoned cart email should include a catchy subject line, a personalized touch to reach out to your customer, a discount to create an urge to shop, an expiration date for the same to create a sense of urgency as well as a button representing a CTA in order to give a sense of easy of completion of purchase.

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