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WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Ideas in 2022

What is a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

In simple words, a marketing campaign used to promote your business through WhatsApp is known as a WhatsApp marketing campaign. This app has over 2 billion daily active users, making it the perfect platform for you to use to advertise your business. 

These campaigns help you reach a huge audience, build relationships with them, and eventually increase your sales. 

With ShopAgain’s WhatsApp campaigns designed specifically for your store, you can easily turn leads into conversions.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

This channel has an open rate of a whopping 98%. Customers love this app. More than half of WhatsApp users say that they trust brands that have a chat feature that enables them to get quicker resolutions to problems instead of waiting for days to receive a response to one email. 

As business owners, here’s how you can benefit from using WhatsApp: 

Improved Relationship with Customers

Since people feel more connected to a brand if it uses chat apps, WhatsApp is the perfect way you can improve your relationship with your customers. This helps with customer retention, which we all know is responsible for a majority of the revenue brands generated, using just one-fifth of the budget for new customer acquisition. 

WhatsApp is a great way to send customers personalized messages- think birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. Engagement increases when messages are relevant and personalized. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Phone calls are inconvenient and they disturb customers. Of course, there are always exceptions and some people may actually prefer phone calls over any other form of communication. But, messages over WhatsApp are visually appealing, and interactive, and can be delivered quietly, waiting to be opened at the recipient’s convenience. 

This is what makes WhatsApp messaging the perfect channel to boost conversion. 

However, this is not the only channel to increase conversion. Learn about another way to do so here. 

Increased Sales

Adding a WhatsApp phone number to your website has the potential to increase your sales by more than 25%. The fact that brands are merely even reachable through messaging apps instills confidence in potential customers. It helps customers feel more connected to the brand. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are being used more and more by users to make purchases. 

Cost Effective

WhatsApp is cheaper than a lot of other marketing channels. For small businesses, this is crucial. 

All that needs to be done to start using this as a channel for marketing is that you download the app and connect to the internet. WhatsApp is opened by users an average of 23 times a day. For small businesses, this is not a channel to be missed.

Read more about WhatsApp marketing best practices here.

Top 4 WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Ideas

Here are 4 WhatsApp marketing campaign ideas that will help you connect with customers and lead to higher conversions:

Send Transactional Messages

Once a customer has purchased from you, it is your responsibility to keep them notified about every single step in the process after. Brands usually send SMSes and/or emails to customers, but these are often ignored or missed. Incorporating WhatsApp into your marketing strategy for this purpose will help shake things up. With its higher open rates, WhatsApp messages are more likely to be read by customers. You should use this channel the same way you use other channels to send the same type of messages here as you would on email or SMS. 

Send Promotional Messages

Most brands have apps that can be used to send push notifications to their customers. But these notifications, from so many different brands, on so many different apps, can be overwhelming. Since the average user opens WhatsApp 23 times a day, promotional messages on WhatsApp are more like to be viewed on this app. Think of it as a one-stop notification center for developments across various apps.  So, if you are looking to send updates about sales, new collections, special offers, and the like, use WhatsApp. 

Provide Real-Time Customer Support

It’s quicker and easier to provide real-time customer support over WhatsApp than it is to do so over email or calls. Customers find it more convenient to just text a brand their queries. Chatbots can also be employed to reply to basic, frequently asked questions. 

This will make the support process pretty much hassle-free for your customers and will give you the time to focus on other issues. 

Set Cart Abandonment Reminders

Sometimes, despite being led through the sales funnel with the utmost care and attention, a customer may not finish their purchase. Cart abandonment is a serious matter. 

You can use WhatsApp to remind your customers about their abandoned carts. Keeping in mind the advantages of using WhatsApp over other channels, this is probably the best way for you to give your customers the final nudge they need to finish their purchases. 

Why Businesses Need WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Businesses need WhatsApp marketing campaigns because, without them, they are missing out on a channel that is used by 2 billion people. Chances are, most of your customers are also using this platform. So, not using it is not a prudent move. 

For younger prospects who are smartphone users, WhatsApp is an important app. These prospects prefer shopping with a business they can directly message. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I engage customers on WhatsApp?

Send promotional messages, keep existing customers updated on their orders, and respond to them in real time to help resolve any queries they may have.

How can I target my audience on WhatsApp?

Segment them according to their traits, and create groups with these segments in mind. The messages you send should be relevant to your segment and highly personalized.

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