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How Did ShopAgain Elevate Ratta’s Signups by 56%?

Ratta Supernote product

Company: Ratta Supernote

Industry: Digital Stationary

Platform: Shopify Plus


Ratta dreams of creating products that are more than just attractive; they aim to offer truly useful tools. Unafraid of taking the road less travelled, Ratta’s unique approach has helped them develop revolutionary products that make a lasting market impact. Inspired by the need for distraction-free tools for tech enthusiasts, they created an elegant, minimalist solution that syncs perfectly with mobile devices, fostering boundless creativity. 

Founded 15 years ago as a developer of IC card terminals and payment systems, Ratta has grown into a pioneer of “Digital Stationery,” pushing for a paperless future. They prioritise ethical practices, customer privacy, and continuous improvement based on user feedback. Their commitment to user-focused design and long-term support sets them apart in a competitive market.

"Creating products that sync with mobile devices and foster creativity is our passion. ShopAgain's innovative tools have empowered us to connect with our customers in more meaningful ways"
Ratta Supernote

Understanding Ratta:
The Need for Enhanced Engagement

Ratta’s Mission:

To create innovative, distraction-free writing tools that foster creativity and sync seamlessly with mobile devices.

Challenges Faced:

  • Low repeat customer rate
  • Insufficient revenue from marketing campaigns
  • Need for a more effective customer engagement strategy

The Turning Point:
Discovering ShopAgain

Research and Decision:
Ratta explored numerous marketing tools but found ShopAgain to be the perfect fit due to its powerful features and user-friendly interface.

Choosing ShopAgain:
The decision was driven by the platform’s ability to offer personalized marketing, real-time analytics, and seamless integration with Ratta’s existing systems.

Implementing the Solution:
A Step-by-Step Approach

To elevate Ratta’s customer experience and drive sales, ShopAgain’s e-commerce specialists offered their guidance and technical support. This included crafting targeted email sequences designed to engage customers at various stages in their buying journey:

Pre-Purchase Engagement:

  • Welcome Series: Warmly greet new subscribers, fostering a positive brand connection from the outset.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Recapture lost sales by gently reminding customers about forgotten items in their carts.
  • Browse Abandonment Nurture: Re-engage customers who explored products but didn’t complete a purchase.

Personalized Product Updates:

  • Back-in-Stock Alerts: Inform customers when previously out-of-stock items are available again.
  • Price Drop Notifications: Keep customers informed about price reductions on products they’ve shown interest in.
  • Low Stock Warnings: Generate a sense of urgency by notifying customers of limited product availability.

Post-Purchase Retention:

  • Cross-Sell & Upsell Campaigns: Recommend complementary products to enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenue.
  • Thank You Emails: Express appreciation to customers after a purchase, strengthening customer loyalty.
  • First Purchase Anniversary Offers: Celebrate the anniversary of a customer’s first purchase with exclusive deals.
  • Win-Back Campaigns: Re-activate dormant customers with attractive offers, enticing them to return.

Overcoming Implementation Hurdles:

ShopAgain’s team promptly addressed any initial technical challenges, ensuring a seamless rollout and optimal performance of the email automation system.

Impressive Results:
The Impact of ShopAgain

Implementing ShopAgain brought tangible and significant improvements to Ratta’s customer engagement and revenue. Here’s a detailed look at how the platform made a difference:

Metrics of Success:

  • Increase in Orders from Repeat Customers:
    Ratta saw a 13.2% increase in orders from customers who had previously purchased from them. This indicates that the personalized marketing strategies and targeted campaigns by ShopAgain effectively encouraged customers to return and make additional purchases.
  • Revenue Contribution:
    ShopAgain contributed to 21.2% of Ratta’s total revenue. This substantial figure highlights the platform’s ability to drive sales and increase overall profitability. By targeting the right audience with the right messages, ShopAgain helped turn potential leads into paying customers.
  • Boost in New Signups via Popups:
    Ratta experienced a 56.46% increase in new signups through strategically placed popups. These popups were designed to capture visitor information and convert them into subscribers, thereby expanding Ratta’s customer base. The effective use of engaging and timely popups played a crucial role in attracting new customers and nurturing them through the sales funnel.

Campaign Performance:

Email Open Rates:

The Welcome Campaign and Abandoned Cart Campaign achieved impressive email open rates of 76.06% and 74.54%, respectively. These high open rates indicate strong engagement and interest from recipients.

Email Click Rates:

With click rates of 20.7% for the Welcome Campaign and 20.95% for the Abandoned Cart Campaign, a significant portion of those who opened the emails were compelled to take action, such as making a purchase or exploring more content.


By leveraging ShopAgain’s features, Ratta was able to significantly enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth. The platform’s personalized marketing strategies, efficient use of popups, and targeted email campaigns contributed to these remarkable results. As a result, Ratta not only improved its bottom line but also fostered stronger relationships with its customers, paving the way for continued success.

Beyond Numbers

Cultural Shift:

The success with ShopAgain fostered a more data-driven and customer-centric culture within Ratta. The marketing team was able to focus on creative strategies, thanks to the efficiency gained from automated workflows.

Personalization Works: Tailoring marketing efforts to individual preferences leads to higher engagement

Efficiency through Automation: Automated workflows enhance productivity and campaign effectiveness.

Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time analytics are crucial for continuous improvement.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

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By leveraging ShopAgain, Ratta not only enhanced their marketing effectiveness but also transformed their approach to customer engagement, leading to sustained growth and a more dynamic, data-driven culture.

"Our commitment to ethical practices and customer privacy was enhanced by ShopAgain's tailored strategies, leading to a 56.46% increase in new signups."

Ratta Supernote