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How Regen Heatlh improved email revenue by 100% with ShopAgain


Company: Regen Health

Industry: Health & Wellness

Platform: Shopify Plus


Living in the age of the pandemic is tough. WFH and a sedentary lifestyle add to the additional stress to boot. Not the most conducive of environments. A solid immunity aids in protection against infections alleviates mood swings, and improves cognitive skills. Regen Health does just that with its slew of products that boost immunity and, consequently, wellness.‍

Regen Health team wanted to be able to nurture their shoppers beyond social media and engage with them without fear of being randomly shut down by social platforms. Their biggest constraint was a lack of time and resources to focus on a new channel. In Regen Health’s founder’s own words,

“I am not an e-mail marketing expert. I run my brands and don't have time to study how to be a great e-mail marketer, and ShopAgain takes that responsibility out of my hands. Their AI creates campaigns so I can focus on running my store and have faith that my campaigns are being created and my e-mail is in good hands.”

Dan decided to use ShopAgain’s state-of-the-art AI-powered platform to create emails for his Shopify Plus store since December 2021. As a result, we provided him with precisely what he wanted: hands-free email automation!

The platform has generated several email & SMS campaigns for Regen Health including the Welcome series, Abandoned cart series, Cross-sell series, Thank you series, Christmas series, and Replenishment series. ShopAgain continues to provide new campaigns on a regular basis.

AI-Powered Replenishment Campaign

Among several other email & SMS campaigns, Regen Health also launched an AI-based Replenishment Campaign created by the ShopAgain platform.

“ShopAgain replenishment campaign showed me potential customers for repeat purchases that I did not even know about. They somehow figured out when is the ideal time to remind a particular customer to buy again. This goes beyond what I had in mind.”

Our prediction engine can predict a customized reminder date for every shopper. This makes the AI-backed replenishment reminder a powerful tool in email marketing.

Boosting Sales with SMS

ShopAgain’s automated campaigns contain both emails and SMS. These campaigns are ready to launch and require no necessary work from a brand unless they wish to tweak the copy and design. This makes it easy for a brand to start using a new channel such as SMS, of which they have no expertise.  

Regen Health got over 148% ROI on their SMS created by ShopAgain.

Highlights from our Partnership with Regen Health

These are some of the highlights of results that Regen Health observed with ShopAgain:

  • Within 15 days of launching ShopAgain’s automated AI campaigns, 18% of the top line came via our campaigns.
  • Month-on-month email revenue growth exceeding 100%.
  • The number of repeat customers grew by over 20%.

Popups Metrics

  • New signups shot up by 47.61%!

Welcome Series Campaign Metrics

  • The Welcome email series created by the ShopAgain platform resulted in a 43% open rate and a 20.7% click rate.

Abandoned Cart Campaign Metrics

  • 19.5% of their abandoned carts were recovered due to emails generated by ShopAgain.
  • The Abandoned Cart email series resulted in a 47.5% open rate and a 12.9% click rate.

Email Deliverability

  • Regen Health has enjoyed email deliverability of over 99% with ShopAgain.


"ShopAgain has helped us provide a unified experience to our customers by combining emails and SMS in their campaigns."