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Glish Enjoys over 30% revenue from emails


Company: Glish

Industry: FMCG (Aerated drinks)

Platform: Shopify


Phew! It’s getting hot in here. So good for us that Glish has us covered with its range of cool and delectable drinks! Today we will be covering our customer, Glish, and how their revenue has increased sharply from partnering with ShopAgain. Read on to know more.

Glish and its Humble Beginnings

In the midst of the pandemic, the Shah family in California was gathered around the kitchen when they started experimenting with different beverages using a mundane household ingredient, ginger. They found the perfect taste after several trials and errors, and Glish was born!

Glish’s Results with ShopAgain

It is integral for an organization such as Glish to build on its existing customer database. Most small businesses fail because they spend far too much on acquisition rather than customer retention. Realizing that they lacked a definitive way of identifying possible customer churn, Glish decided to try ShopAgain in December 2021.

"ShopAgain is powerful yet easy to use. I am not an experienced marketer, but I can understand their analytics and get a grip on what is happening to my emails."

Email Campaign Metrics

Over the next two months, Glish’s revenues had soared.



Email Revenue from ShopAgain

  • Of all the orders made on the website, over 30% came directly due to the email campaigns running on ShopAgain. 
  • 80% of the email revenue came from the Welcome series, 8% from the Abandoned Cart series, and 7% from Thank You emails.

Email Deliverability

  • Emails are all well and good. But only if they make it into your customer’s inbox. Luckily, Glish has enjoyed email deliverability of over 99% with ShopAgain.
  • Glish’s email open rate soared to about 73%, with a click rate of 6.5%. 

Abandoned Cart Series Metrics

An abandoned cart equates to significant losses in revenue. To their surprise, 33.3% of their abandoned carts were recovered due to ShopAgain’s emailing efforts.

Popup Metrics

Glish also used a Welcome popup to grow their email subscriber database. They observed a 170% month-on-month increase in their email subscribers since using ShopAgain.


ShopAgain’s unique AI-powered campaigns aided and abetted Glish’s results. Like all the customers at ShopAgain, Glish too has enjoyed 24×7 customer support via email and live chat.

To conclude, in Glish’s founder’s words

"ShopAgain is both intuitive and flexible. This has allowed us to quickly and easily engage with our audience in ways we could not previously. In addition, the detailed analytical capability that ShopAgain provides has helped us immensely to make valuable business decisions. Not to forget the super awesome team of ShopAgain ensured the onboarding of a new customer like us was seamless."