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6 Best Email Subject Lines in 2022 That Actually Work

Writing a Great Email Subject Line

Cold emails can be the most effective way to win new leads. Paradoxically, they may be the fastest way to lose them. Everything starts with your marketing email subject line!

According to recent statistics, 47% of marketers try various subject lines for email marketing to optimize the campaigns’ performance. While there is no golden principle to creating the ideal subject line, innumerable data sets can guide you in the right direction. 

This post has been penned down after analyzing uncountable emails, their subject lines, and a lot of studies to figure out what actually pushes the recipients to click. It contains the 6 best email subject line findings that can help increase the open rates. Delve deeper and earn the ticket for standing out in a crowded inbox. 

Top 6 email subject lines to increase open rates 

Following are the best email marketing subject line examples/ideas that can turn out to be the game-changers. 

Curiosity generating subject line 

When it comes to mentioning the best ways to increase your email open rates, curiosity-generating subject lines work wonderfully. Writing subject lines that appeal to emotions and connect with your recipients activates the emotional powerhouse of your recipients’ brain, which is scientifically called the insula. 

Creating emotional drives pushes your potential buyers to react, i.e., open and read your email. To generate curiosity, you can leave something out. For example – “Get to know how company Xyz achieved these accomplishments.” Apart from generating curiosity, you can also consider addressing your buyers’ pain points. 

Furthermore, FOMO (Fear of missing out) does the job of a powerful physiological principle, and 56% of people experience it. Therefore, leverage FOMO so that you can get some instant clicks. 

Here are a few well-known email marketing subject line examples that leverage FOMO and curiosity generation:

Canva: “Don’t miss the opportunity to level up your zoom background.”

G2: “We should have told you sooner.”

Create a sense of urgency in the subject line

According to studies, when you send a recap email later in the week, it results in declined reply rates. When you use email subject lines that imply same-day send times, you receive more opens and replies.  

Also, while rendering a sense of urgency, refrain from using words like ‘Act now’ as it may sound spammy, decreasing the open rate. 

Personalized email subject line

Just like different individuals, every email subscriber has their own preferences, buying habits, and interests. While drafting your email’s subject lines, ensure that you are aware of your subscribers’ general likes/dislikes, occupations, interests, and choices. 

Additionally, you can address your recipients with their names to create a difference. According to research, this lets you increase your email open rates by 26%. To personalize emails, you can use some specific tools so that your messages cater to the recipient. Apart from helping you in building rapport, personalized email subject lines compel your users to act. Here are a few examples of personalized email subject lines: 

Starbucks: “Hi Xyz, check our Starbucks reserve roastery in Milano.”

Tommy Hilfiger: “Hi Xyz, check out the big fat sale of 2022.”

Include a funny subject line

35% of email recipients claim they open emails based on their subject lines. To get that magic click, humor goes a long way. When you use funny email subject lines, it lets you pique your prospects’ interests. So don’t hesitate to include witty subject lines to initiate or resume conversations. Here are a few examples of funny email subject lines:

Travelocity: “Need a day at the beach?”

Add vanity in the subject line

When you tap into the physiological behavior that induces the urge to get recognized or admired, you can expect great results. Thus, consider using vanity appealing power words to enhance the efficiency of your email subject line. It’s worth remembering that while you can use multiple power words in a subject line, you shouldn’t ever go overboard. 

Maybelline NewYork: “Find your perfect fit and achieve a natural makeup look”

Make use of trendy topics in the subject line

Averagely an individual receives 121 emails daily and maintains an average open rate of 18%. To ensure that your emails are being opened in the first place, you can use the trick of writing email subject lines with trending topics. According to human psychology, anything that’s in buzz catches attention. 

TechGig: “Mark Zucerburg accepts the ice bucket challenge”

5 email subject line best practices

To make a great impression in inboxes, consider going over some basics of email marketing subject line best practices. Whatever your goal is, the discussed elements should be present in your subject line. 

Be precise 

Almost 50% of people tend to open their emails on mobiles. If your subject line is way too lengthy, mobile viewers won’t be able to see much of it. According to recent data, subject lines that contain four words receive the highest average open rates (18.26%). On the other hand, the highest average click-to-open (CTO) rate happens to seven-worded subject lines. Keep this in mind while drafting the subject line for email marketing. 

Avoid making false promises

Remember, your email marketing subject line delivers a promise to your recipients. So, before sending it away, make sure that you will be able to stick to your commitments. When you push your readers to open emails by making false promises, they will simply stop believing in your subject lines, and in worst cases, you may experience the worst unsubscription rates. 

Try to use numbers & values 

The human brain tends to respond to numbers more quickly because they automatically line up information into a synchronic order. Due to this reason, when you add numbers to your email marketing subject line, they work like candy for your recipients’ organizational minds. Thus, use numbers succinctly to tell the story and visually differ your subject line. 

Avoid ‘no-reply’ sender name

When it comes to setting your sender name, keep it as humanly as possible. This helps your buyer understand that they are being connected by a real brand, not by any auto email generating bots. When you use a ‘no-reply’ sender name, people tend to mark it as spam. Thus, if you want to save your efforts from going in vain, use a generic email address instead of no-reply sender names. 

Some catchy email marketing subject lines examples 

Here are a few eye-catching email subject lines:

Jet Blue: “You are missing out on points.”

Tech Target: “Why bant is broken for B2B demand gen.”

Trello: “Here’s what you missed.”

Wistia: Creative ways to forge ahead with remote work.”

KFC: “Your flight has been confirmed.”

Neil Patel: “Here’s why I don’t blog as often as I used to.”

Warby Parker: “Pairs nicely with spreadsheets.”

Funny or Die: “Don’t invite Steves to the meeting; he will dress like a ghost.”

Uber:Since we all can’t win a lottery” 

Sumo: “I was right, and that was not good for you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good subject line for a marketing email?

A subject line that makes a promise to your reader about what you will deliver is considered a good subject line. The elements of a catching email subject line include numbers, trendy topics, personalization, vanity, urgency, and humor. 

What subject lines get the most open?

Interesting email subject lines with precise word count, eye-catching approach, and personalization tend to get the most open. Adding numbers to your subject lines will do the job of a cherry on the top.

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