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7 Benefits of Building an Email List

What is an Email List?

An email list, also called a subscriber list, is a list of people that have subscribed to receive emails from you. This is called opting into your list.

Several methods, including pop-ups on websites, can capture email addresses, lead magnets, blogs, social media, and paid media with the ultimate goal of sending marketing communications to increase conversions.

Why You Must Start Building an Email List

Email offers a lot of scope for personalization and is considered one of the most effective channels to reach your audience even in 2022.

The reach of your email marketing efforts is directly proportional to the size of your email list.

Get Your Message Across to Customers Effectively

Email is a rich medium to effectively send the message of your choice to your existing and potential customers. It is much more professional than most of the other marketing channels out there.

Gone are the days when emails used to be just text. Now they include everything from videos, images, CTAs, and deep links, which makes them more presentable.

Use A/B testing with different elements of your email template and measure the change in response. Let sophisticated software decide the copy that wins. Pay special attention to the choice of the subject line and preview text in your emails.

Possibility of Visitors to Return

A lot of people only visit a website once and never return. There may be many reasons for this, but visitors can definitely be reintroduced into your ecosystem with something as simple as a message from your end. Email marketing does just that for you. It reminds potential customers that you exist. 

With customers having almost unlimited choices, it becomes imperative for woke brands to stay on top of their minds. Capture the email addresses of users by giving them an incentive so that you can build your email list and start sending communications to them. This results in visitors returning to your website and probably doing more business with you in the near future.

Increases Revenue With the Help of Personalization

Personalization in marketing has resulted in communications becoming more human and has increased user engagement. Don’t you like it when emails start with your name?

Inboxes are flooded with emails these days. It would be best if you had something that makes yours stand out. Personalizing your content for individual users or segments makes this possible and is known to improve Email open rates significantly.

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Higher email opens will result in higher conversions if your campaign is good. This directly affects the top line and the bottom line of the company.

Cost-Effective Compared to Social Media Marketing

According to reliable studies, email marketing generates $38 for each $1 spent on marketing, which is a significantly high return on investment compared to other channels.

Social media, on the other hand, has a lower ROI. This does not mean that you should not focus on social media marketing. Social media is still a great way to grow your following. Every channel has its pros and cons.

Pro tip: You can utilize social media to build your email list and your email marketing to increase your social media following. This creates synergies between different channels, and your communications start complementing each other.

Helps Reach Out to Targeted Customers

Your email subscribers may have different reasons to sign up with you. Some of them may want access to the latest updates and information about your brand, while others may want to get the best deal for their money.

Your email list can be further segmented into subsets consisting of users with similar interests and communication can be triggered accordingly. This approach makes your marketing much more targeted and relevant. More relevance will lead to more email opens and subsequent conversions, which translates to higher revenue.

Always give the customers an easy option to opt-out of your email list if they want to.

Better Email Marketing Performance

As we have already discussed, having an updated email list with proper segmentation will result in your customers getting more relevant emails from your side.

This will increase Email opens, clicks, and the conversions set against goals to be measured for your email marketing efforts.

Pro tip: Remove the users that opt out of your communications in real-time and ask them the reason for opting out. This will help you with making cleaner, organized lists. 

Some organizations buy email lists from various sources but legally and ethically tricky. People might report you and your domain will lose its reputation leading to your emails landing in the spam folder. Our advice is to build your list in an ethical, organic manner.

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Helps Turn Subscribers into Customers

The ultimate goal of any marketing effort is to increase brand equity and revenue. From sharing important information like email addresses and phone numbers to becoming loyal customers and promoters of your brand, your customers are taking a virtual journey with you.

Email marketing lists help you increase top of the marketing funnel leads and move the leads closer to conversion.

Drip campaigns can be set up to automate your email marketing based on the actions taken by the users.

Wondering what a drip email campaign is? Read more about Drip Email campaigns: Definition, Benefits & Types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is building an email list important?

Email, as a channel, has a great ROI. Building an email list has a lot of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Getting people to revisit your website,
  • Sharing important updates with your users,
  • Turning subscribers into paid customers,
  • Reaching relevant users or segments effectively,
  • Introducing personalization in communication.

How does an email list work?

An email list is a list of email addresses of the people that have agreed or given their consent to receiving emails from you. These users want you to share important updates, product releases, and/or promotional offers in their inboxes via email. This is how an email list is put to work.

Which are the two types of mailing list?

The two types of mailing lists are:

  1. Announcements: Lists that are employed to have one-way communication.
  2. Discussions: Lists that are employed for discussions.

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