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7 Effective Ways to Get Customer Feedback

What Is Customer Feedback?

Ever received a review request from a business after you used their services? That’s feedback.

Customer feedback is the information customers share about their experiences with your business or your products or services. It provides you with the necessary insights into the customers’ needs and greatly impacts customer satisfaction.

Why Is Customer Feedback Important

Customer feedback is highly important and the customers who provide you with their feedback are almost doing you a favor, even if it is negative feedback. They are telling you to improve on certain aspects. Most users will stop buying from you if their expectations are unmet.

Getting timely customer feedback can help you to steer marketing campaigns in the right direction and to keep the customers at the center of your activities. It is good to keep them involved in shaping your products and services.

7 Most Effective Ways to Get Customer Feedback

We understand the importance of customer feedback now; let us explore the most effective ways to obtain it:

Feedback Through Email Surveys

The simplest way to get the users to share their feedback about your business is to send a follow-up email after receiving your purchased product. Try to ask only relevant questions in your feedback forms. Most people will skip filling out long surveys.

You can automate this process by setting purchase action or product delivery as the trigger and adding delays in the campaign if required.

Measure Through Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoters Score is a measure of customer advocacy. It tells you how likely your customers are to refer your products or services to others. The users are categorized into promoters, passives, and detractors based on their responses to your questions and the NPS is calculated.

A positive NPS indicates high customer satisfaction.

Include Post Purchase Feedback

In the modern era of e-commerce, it is essential to know if the users found the entire purchase process to be seamless or not. Post-purchase feedback surveys give you important insights into how you performed based on the steps the customers had to take to complete the purchase process. A simple rating with a comment box option can do the job for you.

Monitor Social Media Channels

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools for marketers. It offers an easy and convenient way to communicate with your users in real-time. Most of your customers actively use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have to start listening to what they have to say about you.

You can reply to the queries of your customers or simply thank them for taking out the time to write about you.

Use Feedback Boxes

Feedback or suggestion boxes motivate your users or employees to share their views, feedback, and suggestions with you. To make the feedback more honest, you can collect it anonymously. There are a lot of online tools that provide this service. Just ensure that the feedback you receive is from users that have engaged with your products in the past.

Request Feedback When a Cart Is Abandoned

What happens when a customer selects products to add to their virtual shopping cart but does not go through with the purchase? This is a case of an abandoned cart.

Such users have high purchase intent, and it is much easier to get these users to convert compared to other users. This can be done when you know the reason for the cart abandonment. Feedback campaigns triggered after a cart is abandoned might help you convert more of these users.

Encourage Feedback by Offering Rewards

Like we already said, most customers will simply stop buying from you if they do not like something about your brand or your products. Customers that take out the time to write about you need to be incentivized in some way. You can start offering rewards like discounts on future purchases to these people.

You can automate the rewards process after feedback is recorded from a customer. This will ensure that the process is smooth and the customer retention rate is improved.

Read more about how automation can improve customer retention rates for you.

How to Act Upon Your Customer’s Feedback

The action required per the customer feedback received by your support team should be taken swiftly and result in more satisfaction at all customer touchpoints. The customer can change the game by simply taking their business elsewhere. It is sure to happen if you slack on important proposed changes. 

Pro tip: Make this process periodic and automate it wherever possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask for customer feedback?

Your customer feedback forms should be as simple as possible for you to get more conversions. At the simplest level, you can ask them to rate your service on a scale of 1-10 and to mention the things that they liked or disliked. 

What do companies do with customer feedback?

Companies make important business decisions based on customer feedback. Feedback helps them to know if the existing customers are satisfied or not and in coming out with innovations.

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