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Email Marketing Benchmarks You Need to Look at in 2022

What are Email Marketing Benchmarks?

Email marketing has been performing well in the last decade regarding relationship building and customer retention. Due to this reason, it has become one of the most reliable tools to market your business and generate more leads. However, when it comes to comparing campaigns, it’s essential to understand the email marketing benchmarks such as open rate, click-through rates, unsubscribed rate, complaint rates, etc.

There are several handy alternatives to open rate benchmark email responses across different industries. By compiling the best statistics sources, you can understand how effective your email marketing open rate benchmark campaign is depending on the sector you are dealing with and the targeted area.

In this post, we have grouped the statistics conveniently, helping you to comprehend the comparisons easily. Read on and get to know about the email marketing benchmarks in 2022.

Email marketing open rate benchmarks statistics in 2022 across industries

**Note: The statistics shared in this post are updated as of July 2022, and we have used the latest reports produced by primary email platforms to source the data. It ensures the preciseness of the shared information. We closely observed more than 7 billion messages, and to help you with the best insights, we looked only at active senders who hold at least 1000 contacts on average. In addition, we have analyzed the total values for average email opens, complaints, spam, bounces, etc. This helped us to count every action of subscribers, helping you with a better understanding of what actually works. 

When it comes to figuring out email marketing open rate benchmarks, the following question inevitably kicks in. 

What are the industry-based email marketing campaign open rate benchmarks and click-through rates? 

According to recent reports, we’ve prepared the following chart, which renders a crystal clear idea about the average email marketing campaign open and click-through rates in 2022 (industry-wise).

Email Marketing Campaign Benchmarks by Industry

Here’s another email marketing open rate benchmark statistics which also summarizes spam and unsubscribe rates.

Email Marketing Campaign Open Rate Benchmarks by Region

The following chart shows you the email marketing open rate average and other primary metrics depending on various industries and locations. 

Email Marketing Benchmarks by Month & Days

The average email open rate and other related key metrics vary throughout the year. By taking a look at this 30-day report, we can figure out how the average email open rate and other results vary.

The best days for marketing emails are typically weekdays. The lowest engagement seems to happen on the weekends. Typically, Mondays see the highest email campaign open rates (22%) and Tuesdays & Wednesdays tend to experience the most click-through rates (10.8%). The email unsubscribe rate is typically identical throughout the week (0.1%). Saturdays and Sundays see the lowest click-through rates (2.1%), while the lowest click-to-open rates take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (10.1%).


The data exhibits the overall picture; however, the results may change or vary depending on your audience and location. Thus, before starting your email marketing open rate campaign, you should always run appropriate email tests.

How to improve your email marketing benchmarks as open rate?

Now that you know what is the standard open rate for email marketing campaigns and how the entire thing works, here’s something that you should be aware of.

When it comes to standing out in every inbox, growing your brand, and selling more stuff, you should essentially pay more attention to your email marketing campaign. From email templates and delivery automation to click-worthy content – you should pay equal attention to everything that could help you drive results. 


To make the most out of your email marketing campaigns, feel free to count on ShopAgain’s email marketing software. It helps you with a number of drag-and-drop email templates, efficient subject lines helper, personalised suggestions for building imagery, engaging layout, and performance-driven email copies. Besides, the tool also helps you make your email marketing campaigns more relevant with behaviour-centric automated journeys that you can create using ShopAgain’s customer journey builder.


Let ShopAgain handle the technical stuff and focus on creating strong relationships with your buyers. Definitely, this will help you make a way to a higher return against your effort and investment towards your organisation’s email marketing campaigns. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a good email marketing open rate benchmark in 2022?

A good email open rate in 2022 is 17-28%. However, there are a lot of other associated factors that you need to take into consideration while starting your email marketing campaign. 

What is the average email open rate benchmark for email marketing campaigns?

The average open rate for email marketing in 2022 is 16.97%, with a click-through rate of 10.29%.

How do you analyze email marketing open rate benchmark?

You can calculate your email campaign open rate benchmark using the following formula:

Email Open Rate = Number of Emails Read / Number of Delivered Emails ×100

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