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Best Email Marketing Tools & Platforms in 2022

10 Best Email Marketing Tools and Platforms in 2022

Email marketing was, and is, one of the most practical, efficient and effective tools of marketing in the hands of the marketer. It helps in connecting with a wide and diverse customer base as well as in reaching prospective customers. This tool helps make marketing simpler as well as cost-effective in order to generate a higher ROI. 

There are several email marketing tools available to suit every client’s needs and help them market their products and services in a competent manner. 


One of the most renowned email marketing tools in the sector today, Omnisend helps you reach out to your target clientele with the right message at the right time. Its features allow you to keep your marketing campaign updated with the latest changes in consumer behavior. Rated highly for its ease of setup followed by a continued ease of use, Omnisend scores points for its quality of support in the form of SMS and push notifications, automated emails which can be personalized in accordance with your consumer base and can modified according to the changing trends in client behavior in order to get the best possible results and optimize the resources available.  Omnisend accommodates your needs and lets you choose the plan that suits you.


Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that will serve you no matter what. Are you an established company with a huge client base? Are you a young entrepreneur who has just started out with a business? Mailchimp is the tool for you. With millions of customers in more than 170 countries, Mailchimp’s services come with a huge database of clients to help you enhance and refine your email marketing policies. With a wide array of features such as behavioral changes targeting, advances client insights, automation tools and a 24*7 support, Mailchimp has established itself as one of the best in the game. An easy to use email generator and a variety of plans offered, Mailchimp helps and serves a wide and diverse range of marketers.


Are you looking for an uncomplicated, yet beautiful email marketing campaign that lets you avoid uninteresting emails and helps you generate creative and exciting ones instead? Look no further. ShopAgain is the email marketing platform for you. Their systems are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning which allows you to create a seamless and personalized marketing campaign for your customers. The platform helps you avoid landing in spam and prevents email bouncing. ShopAgain presents you with an opportunity to build customer relationships and generate revenue without the need to learn complicated tools. An extremely personalized experience coupled with an impressive email verification system with a whopping 97% accuracy rate makes sure that you never lose touch with your customer. 

Shopify Email

With an increasing number of marketing tools which may not offer results, studies have shown that email still hasn’t gone out of vogue. With Shopify and its efforts to make email marketing easier, approachable and meaningful, you are able to make your entrepreneurship easier. Shopify provides you with numerous customisable templates which also enable you to pull information on pricing and products from your store, letting you incorporate them into your emails. It allows you to create email marketing campaigns, send emails, automate them and track them from a single place. It lets you preview your emails so as to see how they would look in the inbox of your customers. The platform also lets you personalize emails according to the type of customer. If you wish to approach a new customer, an existing one or an extremely loyal one, Shopify lets you reach out to them with the right message.


Want to be able to read your customers’ minds and become smarter with every interaction ? Look no further than Klaviyo. Combining the ability to save time by offering you pre-created templates that allow you to integrate SMS and email marketing on the platform, Klaviyo allows you to push your sales by letting you talk to your customers through an array of personalized messages. By letting you use tools like welcome mails, browsing abandoned cart items, post-purchases, website browsing behavior and so much more, it lets you not only know everything that your customers do but even empowers you to predict customer behavior and store that data in order to be able to keep your marketing campaign updated. Klaviyo makes sure that apart from growing your business, you learn more about it as well. 


Want to save time by using a pre-designed email marketing template with a drag and drop editor? HubSpot is the spot for you. Want to get creative by customizing, modifying the templates and personalizing them for your specific needs? HubSpot is again your spot. The platform lets you schedule emails well in advance and ensures excellent email deliverability so as to make sure that your mail does not get lost in the spam folder. It lets you judge your email’s performance through its reports so that you can constantly ensure your email’s relevancy to your customer. No need for designers or the IT department since all the tools are in your hand and let you design, execute and ameliorate your campaigns seamlessly and with ease. 


One of the most trusted and popular email marketing platforms, Sendinblue not only lets you do the job of marketing but also helps you nurture prospective customers into loyal clients. It offers advanced reporting on your emails so that you may make them more responsible and offers plenty of customisable templates allowing you to design and redesign your mails. As an added feature, you do not have to shell out more money as your customer base grows and you only pay for the emails that you send. With engaging landing pages and signup forms that you can place anywhere on your site, Sendinblue is one of the most reliable and effective email marketing tools out there. Whether you want to use an existing template or build a template from the ground up, you should trust in Sendinblue. 


If affordability and competency are what you’re looking for, ActiveCampaign is the marketing tool for you. One of the most widely mentioned email marketing tools in surveys, this platform provides some of the best features on the market without burning a hole in your pocket. With features like drag-and-drop designer to create personalized emails, segmentation of customers into different groups in order to send targeted emails, automated welcome mails and email scheduling, ActiveCampaign provides you with your with real time data so as to enable a performance analysis which allows the marketer to modify their strategy, It also features live chat, CRM, hundreds of third party tools and promises an exceptional delivery system.


Want to launch a successful email marketing campaign but you’re not sure where to begin? Allow Privy to guide you. Privy provides expert coaches who will personally help you launch your store and with your first ever campaign until it is live. It also gives you access to the coaches who will guide you about your ideas and suggest the best possible way to integrate them into a seamless campaign. In addition, they provide expert support with a human seven days a week so that you’re never left by yourself to figure it all out. With features like free templates and holiday-themed emails, Privy is a breath of fresh air and offers a personalized human touch to your marketing campaign. They allow you to send unique coupon codes and reminder mails to your clients as well as allow you to leverage a certain amount of abandoned carts. 


Do you wish to store all your client databases on one platform and keep track of it? Do you wish to save time through email automation? If you answered these questions with a ‘yes’, then you need an engagement with Engagebay. A resource trusted by many businesses for all their email marketing needs, Engagebay offers bulk mails as a cost-effective tool which is a part of CRM. Rated highly through client testimonials, Engagebay offers an improved customer nurturing, allows you to monitor results, increases the productivity and efficiency of your marketing campaign as well as affordability. This reduces costs and saves your time and allows you to focus on your customer relations. It is known for prompt solutions for all your queries so that you can deliver a seamless experience to your clients.


Which server is best for email marketing?

Email marketing involves a high volume email campaigns which need to be delivered to the targeted inboxes with a high degree of reliability and deliverability. Each server provides you with all the basic features that are needed to build your campaign. You may choose one based on your specific needs, size of business and client data as well as marketing budget. 

Why is an email marketing service important?

Email has been with us for several years but unlike other parts of the web which have become obsolete, email stands its ground as one of the best ways of instantaneous communication. It will always be around and thus will serve as a great tool in order to reach customers.

A well-designed and beautifully crafted email will make your customer pay attention to it. 

What is the future of email marketing?

With features like automated emails, customizable templates, personalized messages and a one-stop platform for your clients’ data, email marketing will remain an indispensable and affordable marketing tool in the hands of businesses of every size and domain.

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