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Introducing the Product Recommendation Widget

It is a well known fact that selling products on a platform like Shopify is not an easy task, and as sellers, the array of analytical tools you have at your disposal only overwhelm you further.

It is another well known fact that ShopAgain exists to make your life as a seller easier. The sensible, clear widgets backed by powerful AI are all you need to streamline your seller experience on Shopify.

You may ask yourself, what makes ShopAgain better than its competitors? You may also want to know what makes it different. 

We can answer these questions for you in four simple words: 

We value you. Seriously. 

At ShopAgain, we understand what goes into creating a product that you want to sell. We are familiar with putting our hearts and souls into creating such products. The time we have spent researching and speaking with potential customers has helped us use that knowledge to create a product that is easy-to-use and to your liking. The ability of a business to retain customers, acquire new ones and increase sales is often based on the tools they have at their disposal. With the advent of AI in digital marketing, the tools used to market products to buyers are changing. The days of manually building customer profiles are long past us. We need to familiarize ourselves with the new, advanced platforms and tools available for digital marketing.

ShopAgain helps you personalize the customer experience for your consumers. In today’s day and age, it is imperative for your store to provide customers with what they need, exactly when they need it. The products they like, dislike, their behavior as consumers, how they shop and what they shop for are data points we use to craft the perfect personalized experience for them.  

To start this, all you have to do is use the ShopAgain Product Recommendation Widget that consists of the following:

1. Recently Viewed

This one is self-explanatory, is it not? The Recently Viewed widget will allow you to show customers products that they have viewed recently. 

This is unique from customer to customer, obviously. Each customer sees products personalized to their browsing history. 

2. Best Seller

Which products are your best sellers? Do you want to read through pages and pages of data to determine this, or do you want us to figure it out for you and save you a lot of time? The best sellers you have will be presented to you on the Best Seller widget and all you need to do is drag and drop them into your emails and onto your Shopify store. 

3. Trending Products 

Who doesn’t want to be trendy? The products that are trending in your store are the ones that are selling now more than before. Does your store include a hat that has suddenly become a top-seller? Are the bracelets that are hand-crafted by you selling like hot cakes almost overnight? These are your “trending” products. You should know what they are, and you should be able to sell them even more. ShopAgain’s Product Recommendation Widget can help you with this. 

4. Cross Sell

Cross selling occurs when you recommend a product to a customer and it complements a product they have already purchased from you, or are in the process of purchasing from you. If you sell mattresses, pillows would make for the perfect cross sell product. 

5. Upsell

You may ask yourself what upselling is, and the answer is quite simple indeed: 

Imagine you sell TVs. when a potential customer is going through the TVs you have in your store and selects one costing say, Rs. 500, upselling would mean that you recommend to them a TV that costs Rs. 600. This TV could have a larger screen and better picture and sound quality. In a way, you are recommending a higher grade product to the customer. 

(On a related note, as upsell and cross sell are terms often used interchangeably, if you ever get confused between the two, remember that at any fast food outlet, when they ask you whether you want a larger drink instead of the small one you ordered, they are upselling, and if they ask you to add fries to your purchase, they are indulging in cross selling fries to you along with your burger.)

6. Frequently Bought Together

The name says it all. You could say that this is an extension of cross selling. When a consumer is in the process of buying an item from you, a small section of their screen is dedicated to showcasing products that they would like to buy along with the one they are looking at currently. 

Shampoo and conditioner are frequently bought together, as are shoes and socks. 

Now you may ask yourself how you are going to go about determining what products to recommend to a certain consumer and how to put in the hours to make these profiles for each of your customers. The answer is simple: leave it to the AI guys, leave it to ShopAgain. 

ShopAgain makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to prepare a product recommendation series for your customers. All it takes is a few clicks to show the product recommendation on a Shopify store and in emails if you use ShopAgain. The AI-powered Upsell, Cross Sell and Frequently Bought Together options mean that you do not need to manually determine which products to recommend to your customers. The AI does this task for you! All you need to do is select the products you want to include in these series and choose your customers from the lists you have made. ShopAgain will do the rest for you. The time you save using this platform is going to be better utilized elsewhere. And just in case you are not feeling the AI-recommended products, you will always have the option to manually add products to the lists. ShopAgain is all about removing complicated steps from online marketing. 

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