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How Pup Science Grew Their Repeat Sales on Autopilot


Company: Pup Science

Industry: Pet Care

Platform: Shopify


Dogs have been perceived as man’s faithful companions. Always have, always will. They are fierce protectors, loyal and devoted to their masters. Or at least they throw their back out trying to be so. If you’re reading this and want what’s in the best interest of your furry sidekick, then your goals are aligned with that of Pup Science. The team at Pup Science is dedicated to ensuring that each dog’s health and wellbeing is being supplemented through scientific research, ingredients that work, and communal love for our furry friends!

The team Pupscience wanted to improve their customer retention and build better relationships with their customers. After learning the unparalleled retention capabilities of the ShopAgain platform, they decided to give it a try. They relied on the platform to generate all of their emails and SMS. Their designer saved countless hours by not having to design the emails templates from scratch and only tweak the ones generated by the platform automatically.

The platform has generated several email campaigns for Pupscience including the Welcome series, Abandoned cart series, Cross-sell series, Thank you series, Christmas series, and Replenishment series. ShopAgain continues to provide new campaigns on a regular basis.

Highlights of ShopAgain’s Partnership with Pup Science

ShopAgain’s customized AI-powered campaigns were easy to set up, and Pup Science had the campaigns running smoothly in less than a week. Since launching these campaigns, Pup Science has witnessed a consistent increase in its repeat sales.

  • Repeat customer rates have gone up by almost 41%.
  • Revenue generated from these repeat customers has grown by 22.2%.

Email Campaign Metrics

The data-backed email campaigns generated by ShopAgain have been very successful for PupScience. Some of the highlights from these are shared below:

  • The Welcome email series created by the ShopAgain platform resulted in a 41% open rate and an 8% click rate.
  • The Abandoned Cart email series created by the ShopAgain platform resulted in a 24% open rate and over 3% click rate. 25.5% of their abandoned carts were recovered due to emails generated by the platform.

AI-Powered Replenishment Campaign

Among several other email & SMS campaigns, Pupscience also launched an AI-based Replenishment Campaign created by the ShopAgain platform. Our AI engine analyzes the entire customer data, automatically finds out products that have the potential for replenishment, and sends email and SMS reminders to each customer at best (predicted) time to make the purchase happen.

“I did not even know some of the repeat customers of my products that ShopAgain found. Replenishment is very powerful for my products. My emails are making more money now.”

Dylan spent only a few minutes reviewing and launching the campaign delivered by ShopAgain.


Pupscience observed early improvement in customer retention within two weeks of using ShopAgain. ShopAgain allows our customers to sit back and enjoy the show as their repeat sales grow on autopilot. We provide a variety of campaigns that you can simply launch or tweak in a few clicks.

From onboarding to beyond, ShopAgain aids their customers through the way with 24X7 support.

To conclude, in the words of Pup Science founder Dylan.

"We wanted to partner with someone who could assist us with growing our repeat sales. We were not hitting it off with our one-time customers. We realized the drawbacks of our current arrangement and decided to switch to ShopAgain. ”