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How Amie Naturals improved their average order value by over 10%


Company: Amie Naturals

Industry: Health and Sexual Wellness

Platform: Shopify


Amie Naturals believes in a non-invasive, hormone-free approach to women’s health. Sure, women can get through PMS, battle anxiety, and live with mood swings. But why should they? Amie Naturals’ solutions are for the issues that have simply been swept under the carpet and considered a part of ‘being a woman.’

Mellisa manages a small team helping her with inventory, fulfillment and customer support, and other related work. She has one marketer who takes care of paid ads for her. She cannot find time to focus on creating her emails and SMS. That’s what led her to try ShopAgain. She delivered high-quality marketing messages to her customers without spending a lot of time and resources.

‍The platform generated several email & SMS campaigns for Amie Naturals: Christmas, Welcome, Thank you, Abandoned Cart, and Cross-sell, to name a few. ShopAgain continues to provide new campaigns on a regular basis.


"We originally signed up to send emails using ShopAgain. (We) Barely spent any efforts and made even more money with their SMS"

ShopAgain’s automated campaigns deliver both emails and SMS. Our customers can easily remove or modify any email or SMS created by the platform. They never have to worry about making the design or flows from scratch.

Amie Naturals achieved 117% ROI on their SMS created by ShopAgain.

AI-Powered Cross-Sell Campaign

ShopAgain’s hyper-personalized recommendation engine learns from each customer’s purchases, their intent to buy, profile, and all the other similar customer data into account to come up with the best personal recommendation. Our AI technology avoids making recommendations of products recently bought by a customer.

Amie Natural was able to find new cross-sell opportunities resulting in their increased revenue from repeat customers.

AmieNaturals got an over 92% increase in their revenue from repeat customers because of ShopAgain.

Highlights from our Partnership with Amie Naturals

Amie Naturals expressed their desire to re-engage their existing customer database to increase revenue through repeat sales effectively. Through ShopAgain’s AI-backed email campaigns, we were able to decipher differing subscriber interests and subsequently segmented them into individual categories, which aided in sending targeted emails to the customers.

  • Within just two months of signing up and accessing our services, over 21% of their orders are from ShopAgain!
  • Revenue generated from repeat customers grew by almost 92.7%!
  • The average order value (AOV) shot up by 10.7%, growing from $84.3 to $93.4.

Campaign Metrics

Let’s dive right into our campaign metrics with the overview out of the way. Our AI-backed campaigns can detect fluxes in your business and are capable of pinpointing exactly where lies the deficiency. For instance:

Welcome Series Campaign Metrics

  • The Welcome email series created by the ShopAgain platform resulted in a 38.5% open rate and a 7% click rate.

Abandoned Cart Campaign Metrics

  • Emails generated by ShopAgain recovered a whopping 23% of abandoned carts!
  • Abandoned cart email series garnered a 63% open rate and a 10.2% click rate.


Amie Naturals decided to implement ShopAgain’s AI-powered solutions as they wished to solve one of the crippling problems of a small business: customer retention. Since launching these campaigns, their retention scores have increased significantly, thus aiding and abetting their retention revenue.

"ShopAgain has delivered on their promise, and their customer support has been fantastic too"