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How Gaelle Cosmetics used AI Campaigns to boost repeat sales by 200%

Gaelle Cosmetics

Company: Gaelle Cosmetics

Industry:FMCG (Cosmetics)

Platform: Shopify


Gaelle Cosmetics was founded by Safyie Jean-Pierre. In her own words:

"We incorporate creativity, fun, and lightheartedness into our products to bring joy and confidence to women's choices in their appearance every day. We facilitate their self-expression with makeup that provides a pop of boldness."

Safyie shares her experience of using ShopAgain, how her bet on a new and upcoming platform pivoted the way to boost her repeat sales beyond expectation.

The Gaelle Cosmetics team was serious about email marketing to boost revenue. They needed to sell more to the customers acquired via paid advertising. They needed to improve their customers’ lifetime value (LTV). ShopAgain was the most equipped platform in email marketing with a deep focus on e-commerce.

How Gaelle Cosmetics used ShopAgain

ShopAgain had automated the entire customer journey for Gaelle Cosmetics without spending excessive time and resources creating it all from scratch. For Gaelle Cosmetics, it was essential to understand:

  1. Who were their loyal customers?
  2. Who has unengaged recently and could become active again if reached out?
"ShopAgain’s AI-powered segmentation was able to instantly identify the loyal customers and the ones at-risk of churning. It was amazing to see our customized customer journey ready to use with so little work from us."

Not spending hours analyzing their customer data to develop these segments manually was already a time saver for Gaelle Cosmetics. The platform further generated email & SMS campaigns that took different customer lifecycle stages into account. They had to make minor modifications to the already designed emails as they saw fit.

The platform generated several email campaigns for Gaelle Cosmetics: BFCM, Christmas, Welcome, Thank you, Abandoned Cart, and Cross-sell, to name a few. ShopAgain continues to provide new campaigns regularly.

Results Reported by Gaelle Cosmetics

We at ShopAgain initiated our partnership with Gaelle Cosmetics in November 2021.

Repeat Sales

Repeat customer rate grew by 200% since then until writing this report. Revenue from these repeat customers grew by almost 978%.

‍Email Marketing Metrics

It’s time we take a plunge into the email campaign data at hand:

  • 18% of the store’s revenue came from automated email campaigns. Email revenue grew by 14.7% since using ShopAgain.
  • 19.5% of their abandoned carts were recovered due to email campaigns.
  • The Welcome Email series created by the ShopAgain platform resulted in a 43% open rate and a 20.7% click rate.
  • The Abandoned Cart email series created by the platform resulted in a 47.5% open rate and a 12.9% click rate.

Campaign Metrics

Let’s dive right into our campaign metrics with the overview out of the way. Our AI-backed campaigns can detect fluxes in your business and are capable of pinpointing exactly where lies the deficiency. For instance:

Welcome Series Campaign Metrics

  • The Welcome email series created by the ShopAgain platform resulted in a 38.5% open rate and a 7% click rate.

Abandoned Cart Campaign Metrics

  • Emails generated by ShopAgain recovered a whopping 23% of abandoned carts!
  • Abandoned cart email series garnered a 63% open rate and a 10.2% click rate.


“Emails from ShopAgain have given us a pretty good headstart. The next step for us is to focus more on SMS and nurture our audience outside of social media. We will continue to rely on ShopAgain for that.”